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The complete way of caring

At Complete Healthcare Australia, we believe a personal approach combined with the apex of medical expertise is crucial in providing the highest level of welfare and care to the patient.

We achieve this in several ways. Firstly, the patients are our doctor’s principal priority. We establish this by logistically placing two doctors within the vicinity of your local area, allowing an immediate dispatch to the patient requiring assistance and care, so there is no need for pricey ambulance call-outs. Furthermore, our doctors are on-call and active 24 hours of the day, and can be directly contacted via the phone.

Secondly, all of our qualified doctors are provided with ongoing training, which keeps their medical awareness current, allowing them to attend to patient needs with the most detailed proficiency, in accordance to any new or developing medical trends and resources.

Communication is absolutely vital in consolidating an accurate diagnosis of the patient. Our doctors are trained to actively interact and seek out patient needs and concerns, as we recognise that patients in nursing and aged-care facilities may require special attention to address particular conditions and ailments.

We ensure a continuity of care by having the same doctors for every visit. This not only builds a strong doctor-patient relationship, but unlike locum services, our doctors can assemble a detailed medical history for each individual patient. Working exclusively with nursing and aged-care facilities, our doctors become very familiar with issues that may arise within this demographic, allowing for a deeper understanding in better treating elderly patients.

Best of all, we cover all basic healthcare services, as well as any service GP clinics can provide. The fundamental key is our logistical efficiency and availability, coupled with our doctor’s ever-growing expertise, allows us to fulfil our vision of health and wellbeing for our most treasured elderly community throughout Australia.